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Title: Harley Quinn (2016-) #9 (Harley Quinn 2016 #9)
Author: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Alex Sinclair (Illustrator), Brandon Peterson (Illustrator), Michael Kaluta (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.5/5
Reading Date: January 04 to 05, 2017
Book Summary: In issue #9, can anyone truly understand the mind of the world’s craziest psychiatrist? Harley’s about to get a shrink of her very own…what are the odds he won’t go insane himself?
Book Review: Yes, I am still going backwards with my reading of this comic serial so bear with me.

Harley's visit to the psychiatrist leads us into the World of Oz. Where the person on the bike is Mistah J and the evil witch is Batman. Only in Harley's world could this be something interesting but it works and it made me chuckle a bit.

Harley is a very interesting and complex creature. She has long removed herself from the Joker's influence but yet you can still see that he continues to have some effect on her even with him not being around.

This book will tie in with eleven more than anything especially with Harley's visitor at the end of this one.

All in all, I like the feel of the series. It really looks promising and I hope it continues to catch my interest.

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Jan. 5th, 2017 04:43 pm
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Title: Harley Quinn (2016-) #8 (Harley Quinn 2016 #8)
Author: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Alex Sinclair (Illustrator), Chad Hardin (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: January 05, 2017
Book Summary: “LIFE’S A BEACH”! Harley owes Ivy a trip to the Bahamas…and delivers way more than either of them expected!
Book Review: Wow.

I really loved this issue. In fact, I think this one may just be my favorite.

Harley has decided to take Ivy on a vacation. What she did not count on was the vacation was in a nudist camp. Of course, Harley and Ivy find themselves with comical expressions when they meet the owner of the camp.

I absolutely loved Ivy and Harley together. This was the first one (and proably the only) where Harley was relaxed and able to enjoy herself a bit more. And I have to admit I even was sad at the end when Harley and Ivy parted from each other. Those two seem to really love each other more than anything but circumstances (and a feeling that Mistah J) keep them pretty much apart.

Still this one really rises above the rest and proves that Harley once again is in control of her own life - for the moment.

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Jan. 5th, 2017 05:19 pm
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Title: Harley Quinn (2016-) #7 (Harley Quinn 2016 #7)
Author: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Alex Sinclair (Illustrator), John Timms (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 3/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: January 05, 2017
Book Summary: "UNDERCOVER PUNKER" part three! Harley’s punk-rock epic concludes with her and her bandmates in way too deep on their undercover mission to take down a brutal gang of thieves and murderers!
Book Review: In this issue, Harley is on a mission to find the person or persons behind the murder of her beloved mailman.

And the man or thing behind his death? The Penguin.

He is not happy with Billy bringing in Harley to his turf and although Billy tries to reason, citing that even though he has brought Harley, he still think she is evil.

Of course, Penguin doesn't believe that. He has heard things about her being friends with the head of police. So he sends Billy out to do away with Harley.

Then we have a brief comical moment with Red Tool and his team (can I call it a team?) because those guys are hilarious. I could not stop giggling at their conversation and the things they did. I have say they were much more amusing than Harley's side of the story!

Moving along...Billy returns and let's Harley know he knows who she is and then tries to kill her. Harley gets away and finds herself face to face with The Penguin.

Although I really liked this one, I was not a fan of the flat almost non-existent revenge on Penguin for the death of Harley's mailman. In fact, he seemed forgotten by the time she met with him. So this one held a bit of disappointment for me.

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Jan. 5th, 2017 05:34 pm
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Title: X-Men (1991-2001) #24 (X-Men Vol. 2 #24)
Author: Fabian Nicieza, Andy Kubert (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: January 05, 2017
Book Summary: Gambit and Rogue discuss their relationship over gumbo. The X-Men welcome Banshee and Moira back to the mansion. Psylocke and Revanche delve into the mystery of their connection.
Book Review: Okay I am going to admit something.

This was the first comic I ever collected. This was the comic that started it all.

And this was the comic that has been my absolute favorite of all time. No other comic book has ever come close to being a favorite like this one. Of course there are the ones where I love the cover but this one still beats them all.

Why?, you ask.

Because it was Gambit and Rogue's first date. It was everything I had always wanted for them and even more when Rogue tried to tell Gambit her real name and he just put his finger to her lips.

Their romance has always been my favorite. It was the main reason I had dived into the X-Men universe in the first place and this cemented them as my all-time favorite couple. Not even Logan and Jean could beat them (and I love those two as a couple!).

This comic is highly recommended and one of the few I think those who love Gambit and Rogue will truly enjoy reading.


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