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Title: Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, Part 1: The Night of the Nasty Nostril Nuggets (Captain Underpants #6)
Author: Dav Pilkey
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: May 2, 2017 to May 4, 2017
Book Summary: The sixth "epic novel" in Dav Pilkey's hugely popular series explains the awful truth about Captain Underpants (he is really the school principal), details "the night of the nasty nostril nuggets," offers up "the unnecessarily disgusting chapter," and even explains how "you can't have your cape and Edith, too."
George and Harold are "C" students (and bad spellers), but they are very good at "saving the entire planet from the nasty forces of unrelenting evil" and also at ketchup-toilet pranks. Unfortunately, they can't save Melvin Sneedly from getting paddled by his bionic hamster. But, frankly, they wouldn't want to, because besides being the school brainiac, Melvin is also a tattletale. When his robot-making hobby backfires horribly, Melvin transforms himself into the Bionic Booger Boy instead of a bionic superboy. Can Captain Underpants save everyone from this "greenish, glistening behemoth?"
Book Review: Real Rating: 4.5

Our heroes, Harold and George, are back and this time they set out to teach the class how to do a "squishy". Of course this excites the rest of the class and even Ms. Ribble, who has changed much of her personality due to events from the last book.Unfortunately for everyone in the class is halted by Melvin Sneedly, the school's brainiac, who refuses to let anyone out the door until he has shown off his Combine-O-Tron 2000 during the class's demonstration speech.

However, the class is less interested and more interested in heading to the cafeteria for ketchup. This seems to annoy Melvin, who is determined to show off his invention. Once he has had Sulu the hamster undergo a groundbreaking transformation, Melvin proceeds to demonstrat with the hamster but Sulu doesn't obey. Instead, Sulu proceeds to spank Melvin sending Melvin running off in tears.

The class celebrates the end and the rest of the class follows after him chanting "Squishes!" but not George and Harold. They stay behind with the hamster. They offer to take Sulu home with them and the hamster takes them up on the offer.

Mr. Krupp is in a foul mood. He demands coffee from Miss Anthrope, who tells him to get it himself. This seems to only fuel Mr. Krupps mood as he heads to the bathroom. There at the door is Ms. Ribble, who is trying to hold back her laughter until she hears Krupp yell about having ketchup on his underwear.

Mr. Krupp heads off to find George and Harold and blames them for the new fad going around the school. Harold, who is sitting at the lunch table with George and several other members of their class, tells him they had nothing to do with it and even another speaks up for them. Unfortunately Melvin takes this moment to stick his nose and tell Mr. Krupp that they had taught the class the prank. Mr. Krupp sends the kids to the detention.

While in detention, the two boys create a new comic called "Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Tale of Tattle-Tron 2000" with Melvin as the villain character. The class loves it but not Melvin, who is angry at being portrayed by the two boys in their comic that he storms home to invent something that would make him much cooler than George and Harold. It is too bad though that Melvin's allergies (triggered by the cat). As he sets his invention on to become combined with the robot, his allergies make an unfortunate appearance adding to the transformation.

The next day, George and Harold bring Sulu to school to show their class what they have taught the hamster. It is during this moment that Melvin enters as a Bionic Booger Boy. From there hilarity ensues as the cold and flu season makes it dreadful appearance.

This was another fun read. I had been waiting for quite some time to see Melvin become the next villain of sorts. This time his need for attention and to prove that he can be cooler than George and Harold was his undoing. Instead of taking a moment to think things through, he went and created something that had dire consequences especially since his allergies were acting up. Yet, George and Harold proved once again to be the heroes that Captain Underpants should be and that is the hilarity of it all. This is still their mess and they still have to continue to keep Mr. Krupp from learning what they have done to him.

I have really come to love this series. The things these two kids do is funny as hell and there is always some moral lying underneath the rubble of each book.


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